Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Peter Humberd – Filmmaker and Philanthropist

Filmmaking is a creative field. With a fresh perspective and open minded nature filmmakers set on exploring new concepts to bring life to their vision. Innovation and integrity to the concept make a filmmaker great. Peter Humberd brings such qualities to the set with him. He is a live example of rags to red carpet story. Enduring many difficulties on his way Peter Humberd raised the bar in filmmaking with his relentless hard work and dedication into making unconventional movies.

Early life:

Born and brought up in a middle-class family, he worked hard throughout his student life to earn good grades and achieved best results. Later joined in film school to satisfy his curious mind and love for arts. His creative skills are polished during that stage and set a solid foundation for his career. With inspiration and thirst for knowledge, he climbed up the ladder in his professional life setting a place for him in the industry with consistent quality work.

Driving force:

To stay positive irrespective of the hardships faced brings out the best in any individual. Peter Humberd finds his creativeness in daily life circumstances. His past has been a motivating force for him to continue making films with a lot of character and emotion. He understands the difference between innovation and originality and creates films. Drawing energy from his early life struggles (his family is a refugee from Petabina) he set upon creating a memorable journey into films without prior connections to anyone in the industry.

Most of his filmmaking revolves around Portland as he likes to work in familiar space. Greatness comes with repeated blows and life lessons taught on mistakes. With discipline and dedication towards his work, he strives to achieve perfection in every frame. With over 20 years of experience, he has built a space for himself in industry for making unconventional films and breaking the traditional mark. He earned a lot of praise for his good nature and good work. Remembering his childhood Peter Humberd indulges himself in social work to help the people in need around him.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Peter Humberd: A Legend of the Movie World

Peter Humberd is regarded as a creative director who has delivered thought-provoking and off-beat films that have received rave reviews from film critics and movie lovers all over the world.
He is a highly acclaimed film maker, born to a refugee middle-class family in the Petabina city on the 12th of December in the year 1950.

He was born with the talent for film-making and had a creative mind. He took up direction classes at a film school that further honed his direction skills. He is known to draw inspiration from everyday struggle that he put together beautifully on the celluloid. His films portray positivity and hardships. All his films have a message to deliver, be it thriller, romance or tragedy.

Most of Humberd’s films are shot in Portland as he grew up in Portland and was familiar with the place. His attention for detail, technical finesse and ingenious mind sets him apart from the contemporary directors of his time. Hard work, dedication and passion to excel have made him one of the reputed directors of the film industry.

His films portray the views, customs and ideologies of the society through powerful story-telling and lead characters. From a young age Peter Humberd has assisted ace directors of the industry to sharpen his talent.

He is not only an able director but also a proficient screenplay writer and was part of the renowned production house in Los Angeles. He made use of newfangled techniques and futuristic ideas to create brilliant films that have captured millions of hearts across the globe. He has won illustrious awards and is considered to be a legend of the film industry.

He is a co-founder of the Love Studios and owns his production house. Some of the outstanding films produced by Humberd include Reporters, Worlds with Wars, Black Colour of Destruction, House of Wars and Love Is Passion. For a total of three years consecutively, he has won the coveted “Golden Lady Award” for being a film director of unprecedented calibre. He loved experimenting with new ideas and subjects and in 2001 he directed a film with debutant actors and that film faired exceptionally well at the box office.

Apart from directing films Humberd has produced documentaries and television shows. Playing video-games and painting are his hobbies. He is known for his immense contribution in social work and in politics. He has been felicitated with the honourable “Black Fighter “and golden Commander Awards by Maine State, USA for being an extraordinary personality. Apart from these awards he has also won the “Noble Award” for his commendable contribution in social causes.

Peter Humberd is interested to go into a partnership with Fire Burn Studio in the future. “Angel is devil” to be released in Telugu, Hindi, Korean or Chinese is one of his forthcoming projects. His other projects are “Stones to garden,” “Killed by love,” and “The stepmother.” There are many talented directors but Humbered was nominated for a total of 13 ranks in reputed magazines for being an “exceptional personality” in 2008. His leading-edge techniques, progressive ideas and distinctive treatment of the subject of his films have brought him humongous success.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Peter Humberd Creates Magic on Celluloid

Peter Humberd is considered to be an icon in the world of films. From a young age he was interested in film-making and he assisted accomplished directors who have helped to sharpen is creative mind. He was born into a middle-class refugee family in the Petabina City.  Films played a significant role in reforming the society and Humberd was an ace director who dealt with unconventional subjects to deliver off-beat, though-provoking films.

He worked on all kinds of films from romantic to comedy and thriller. He owns his own production house in Los Angeles and is known to be a proficient screenplay writer in addition to being a director par excellence. He used new age techniques and innovatory ideas to create brilliant films that faired exceptionally well at the box office. His creative mind and technical finesse has helped him to carve a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. He always enjoyed experimenting and in 2001 he made a film on a new concept with debutant actors in the lead role. The film did well and further boosted his career as a film maker.

He has delivered many master pieces during his career life and bagged a multitude of illustrious awards for the same. He is known to be the co-founder of Love Studios. He has produced a host of films like Worlds with wars, Reporters, Adventures of Mimmin, Love is Passion, House of Wars and the Black Colour of Destruction.

He won the prestigious awards such as “Golden Lady” for a total of three consecutive years. He has produced a host of television shows and documentaries. Peter Humberd has passed with a degree in doctorate from Bristol University. Apart from his talent as a director and screenplay writer, Humberd is famous for his considerable contribution in politics and social work. For his commendable contribution as a social worker he has been felicitated with the honourable Black Fighter and the Golden Commander awards.

Humberd enjoys painting and playing video games apart from directing films. There are notable film directors in the film industry but Humberd with his talent, ingenious mind and technical prowess continues to dominate the world of films like no other.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Peter Humberd - A Champion in Unconventional Films

Peter Humberd is a well known figure in the international film circuit for his unconventional style of film making. But, that has not come easy. He had to make numerous sacrifices and endure a whole lot of struggles for the claim to fame.
Early Life and History
Born on 12th December 1950, Humberd belonged to a middle class family of refugees in Petabina. With no prior attachment to films, his family was unaware of his in-born qualities of a film maker that required keen eye for detail and creativity.
As he struggled past his childhood, he decided to take up film making as a career. He got himself enrolled in various film institutions. He worked hard as a student and passed all his exams with flying colours. In fact, the film schools honed his skills as an artist and sharpened his creative bend of mind.
Film and Inspiration
Ask Humberd about his inspiration and he would answer-LIFE. He defines how film-making is inspired from the daily struggles of a human being and how he drew inspiration from his own struggles. Needless to say, his films display hardships with positivity. Be it romance, thriller or tragedy, there is a message that audience takes home.
Humberd believes that a film should entertain the mass, but should never ignore the lessons that life has to throw at mankind. He says he drew a lot of inspiration from the place where he resided during his childhood. In an honest confession, he agrees that most of his films are based on Portland for the sole reason that he prefers working with a familiar setting. In fact, this has earned him a name- Humberd Portland.
Unconventional in his approach to film making, Humberd is known for creating illusive moments for his audience. A perfectionist himself, Peter Humberd has become an institution in himself and is inspiring many youngsters to follow his way.
Creating a Niche
Originality and perception define creativity. And Humberd is an epitome. His eye for miniscule details and hunger for an honest narrative sets him apart in the box-office-driven film industry.
There are no second thoughts about the clarity in his thought process. His films, thus, always cut a mark that lingers long in one’s memory.
A Beautiful Mind
Humberd is a social worker too. Owing to his humble background, he believes in creating a beautiful world around him. Moreover, he has contributed a lot to the betterment of the society by helping the needy in every possible way.
A beautiful mind has a beautiful soul. And Humberd has proved that in every way. Grounded to his roots, Humberd has brought the simplicity of his character to his films. It goes without saying, how he enjoys narrating the story of his life through the camera. He enjoys life and the people around him, from where he draws inspiration for his films.
A creative artist par excellence, Peter Humberd is not just a name; it is a personality that etches class, generosity, and humbleness in a simplistic manner.